Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   What forms of payment do you accept?
A:    We accept payment through Master Card, Visa, Paypal and American Express (after August 1, 2010).
Q:   Can I still get pre-Christmas delivery after the stated deadline?
A:   We post these deadlines in late August by which time the orders are already extremely heavy so it usually depends on how far passed the deadline you order and of what the order consists. Larger, more complicated items (especially those requiring personalizing) take longer no matter what the time of year, however many orders received after this date may in fact be delivered in time for Christmas.   But due to extremely high demand, much longer process drying time and significantly longer holiday shipping transit times we can offer no  assurances that they will arrive on or before December 24th. Although our products make wonderful much appreciated gifts, we are not a last minute shopping site and we will not rush any order out just because Christmas is approaching.  Simply stated, we maintain a standard of quality which we cannot compromise to accommodate last minute shoppers. 


Q:  Do you accept wholesale orders?

A:   We do not solicit or accept wholesale orders because wholesale business involves a heavy price break which we are unwilling to accommodate.  Our items are individually constructed, hand painted and reasonably priced all of which allows no margin or incentive for discounting.

Q:   Do you accept orders from outside the United States?

A:   Not as a rule although we occasionally accept Canadian orders if shipping terms are adjusted in advance. 

Q:   Why don't you take orders on the interchangeable welcome signs?
          A:   We made them for nearly 18 years and in that time sold well over 45000 pieces, each individually cut and hand painted on both sides.  The short answer is that we simply tired of making them and discontinued the item(s) completely.


Q:   Will you do logos of professional sport teams?

A:   Absolutely not.  I do no copyrighted subject matter which includes Disney characters, sports logos, or any other similarly protected items. 

Q:   Will you give me a discount if I order multiple items?

A:   I do not give volume discounts because there is no incentive to turn out normally high quality work for a lesser return.  Secondly, it would be grossly unfair to all those who readily purchase the items at their listed prices without question.

Q:   I am unsure of what my special design would look like?  Can you send me a picture of how it would look on the item?

A:   This would involve substantial speculation work on my part and I just frankly don't have the time for it.  The best way to deal with this situation is to email me a picture and I will determine if it is feasible to pursue it further.  I can usually come very close on most designs as I have painted literally hundreds of distinctly different patterns over the last 25 years.

Q:    I really like a particular item but I need it's construction to be modified?  Is this possible?

A:   We completely make all items we offer for sale so it is often possible to modify them somewhat. When requesting such a modification, be as specific and detailed as possible in your email to give me an accurate description as I can't respond knowledgeably to vague inquiries .  Modifications will only be possible if time permits and a price adjustment will necessary to cover increased material and/or labor costs.

Q:   Can you do a rush order?

A:   We don't do rush orders because quality work cannot be hurried.  All orders are validated and scheduled in the order received to be sent to the shop for construction.  It would be unfair if not unethical to jump an order ahead of the many patiently waiting in front of it.  Time is your most important concern, it would be best to look elsewhere.

Q:   Will you notify me when my order ships?

A:   Yes.  I will send you a shipping notification on the day your order is sent that will include a delivery confirmation number which you can use on the USPS site to determine transit status.

Q:   I called to inquire about my order status and my call was not returned.  Why?

A:   As it states on the site in several areas, all order status inquiries must be made by email without exception as I do not have the time or the patience to play phone tag across the country.  We receive orders from all fifty states and their corresponding time zones which makes coordinating phone inquiries and call backs nearly impossible.  Email is "timeless" as it can be sent and received at everyone's mutual convenience.  We answer all email as quickly and completely as possible.

Q:   Why was my credit card charged in advance of shipment?
A:   All orders must be processed and payment verified before any work can be scheduled.
Q:  Can I order an item in a different color or stain tone than what is shown on site?
A:  Yes as long as the desired finish is expressly defined when the order is placed. The customer will be responsible for specific instructions as to the custom finished appearance. 
Q:  Why didn't I receive my order notification?
A:  This is most often due to a SPAM blocker at work on the customer's end.  The notifications of  successfully placed orders are automatically generated and occasionally mistaken for unsolicited email by some SPAM filtering programs.